OUT ON OCT 5TH, 2022 


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The Single

LESSUS is currently one of the leaders of the Groove and Funk scene in Barcelona. His natural and fresh style accompanied by powerful and vibrant performances on multiple stages.


Tirelessly passionate about music, LESSUS is currently working on his second album 'From Now On'. With which he is in the process of presenting the first single “All I wanna do”.


Like most hits this song was composed in a single afternoon. It was around the month of autumn when, fresh from having lived an intense television experience on the X Factor, "I was inspired by writing about what I most wanted to do at that time, live from music and fall in love with it no matter how many obstacles came".


'All I wanna do' talks about the desire to realise those dreams, all the things that one has always wanted to do and go for them, whether in love or in professional life.

A song with a catchy chorus and a purer soul-style sound with vintage airs. Inspired by the songs of the legendary Motown records label.